Help us navigate through care and medical systems

From the first interaction with nurse Sandra, she seemed like an enthuastic person who’s excited about the work she’s doing. She was thorough on asking details about our son, so that she could better take care of him.  For some details she took ownership and was able to directly inquire them for other medical parties. Because of his medical needs, we were overwhelmed and Sandra offered to help us with getting more help for the situation. During the following months she was of great help for finding care for our son and for us. With her  persuasive personality she managed to help us navigate through care and medical systems,  often going out of her way in order to reach out to other people or institutions that would provide care for our son. She would be available for questions or concerns throughout the day and was happy to give advice or information. After she stopped helping us, she made sure that someone else would continue the work that she had been doing.


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